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  1. Kingdom: Animalia
  2. Phylum: Chordata
  3. Class: Mammilia
  4. Order: Carnivora
  5. Family: Felidae
  6. Genus: Felis
  7. Species: F. catus

picture of Egyptian cat

It is believed that the house cat was first domesticated over 5,000 years ago in the valley of the Nile. When the people of Egypt chose to settle, they grew crops, which were often fed on by vermin.

The African Wildcat first appeared then to feed on the vermin. Slowly the African Wildcat adapted to the people, as they continued to feed the cat in order to keep it around to feed on the rodents.

The people really grew to love the cats, and eventually cats became the property of divine Pharaoh. They were worshiped, and even burried along side their masters. Since then cats have become domesticated all over the world, tied back to the roots of the African Wildcat.

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