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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my site! My name is Jordan Kennedy and I'm 19 years old from Charleston, South Carolina. I've grown up in Charleston, and currently live at home with my family. I have a twin sister, Erin, and a younger brother, Matthew. My first semester of college I attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC to play volleyball. However, I am now back home, where I attend the College of Charleston located in downtown Charleston.

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All of my life my family has always had a dog. However, when I was 11 my mom found a stray cat that was dumped in a ditch down the street from my house. We then decided to bring it home. I had never had a cat before, but I fell in love right away. We have had that cat for 8 years now, but have also managed to pick up another a long the way. The second cat we got on Thanksgiving a few years ago. She is now 3, and by far my favorite pet. Even though I grew up in a "dog" family, I can't help but love cats. That is why I've decided to base a website on cats- because I've grown to really love them.

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